Did You Know?

All of the water that exists here on Earth is the same water that was here during the time of the dinosaurs! There will never be any new water.


Call them marshes, swamps, bogs, fens, or sloughs - wetlands have important jobs to do!  (Listen to the "Wetlands Have Real Important Jobs To Do" song or watch the video on the Water Rocks! youtube page!)

The Conservation Dogs LOVE exploring wetlands!


You can see why -- wetlands are beautiful and exciting. They provide shelter and habitat for many diverse living creatures.

Biodiversity refers to the collection of all living creatures existing together in an ecosystem.  Wetlands are one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems on the planet, comparable to rain forests and coral reefs. 

   Did you know?
43 percent of federally threatened or endangered species depend on wetlands for their survival.

Iowa’s wetlands are especially important to migratory birds.  During their long spring and fall journeys, the wetlands are like a highway rest stop or motel for them to get a bite to eat or relax before continuing on their migratory flight.

Wetlands act like a sponge out on our land.  When we get a heavy rainfall, wetlands can help soak up and store the extra water.


Just like our kidneys clean and filter water in our bodies, wetlands clean, filter, and purify water out on the landscape.  Sediment settles out, nutrients and chemicals are removed, and the water is cleaner and healthier for us all!




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