Did You Know?

Wetlands are one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems in the world - their diversity can be compared to the rain forests or coral reefs.


Conservation is important for all of us, whether we live in town or out in the country.  Healthy soils and clean water matter to us all!

Towns have lots of roads, sidewalks, and parking lots that are covered with concrete. This doesn’t allow water to soak into the ground; instead, it immediately runs off the surface when we get a rainfall. The rain water can pick up oil and other chemicals we might find on the streets with it to the storm sewer.

Permeable paving systems are designed with paver blocks that have gaps or cracks in between.  These gaps allow rain water to soak into the ground, decreasing the amount of runoff in urban areas.  Permeable pavers can be used on streets, driveways, or parking lots.


Town people can be good Conservation Pack members by using rain barrels to collect extra rain water, planting rain gardens or other native vegetation, using mulch to protect the soil from erosion, and being careful about the amount of fertilizer and chemicals we use on our lawns.


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