Did You Know?

43% of federally threatened and endangered plants and animals rely on wetlands for their survival.


Prairies are fascinating places for Conservation Pack members to explore.

Tall grasses…        colorful flowers…     abundant birds…      insects buzzing…
life all around!


   Did you know? 
Before pioneers settled in Iowa, our landscape was dominated by tall grass prairie.

Prairie grasses would often grow to be 10 feet tall -- as tall as a basketball hoop! These prairies that covered Iowa for thousands of years created the RICH, fertile soil that Iowa is known for.

    Did you know? 
It takes the earth 500 to 1000 years to make one inch of soil!

Watch Land Formation in Iowa, a short video that shows 10,000 years of soil formation and landscape change in a matter of minutes.

Curious Jackie is always digging around the soil to see what she can find.  The prairie's hidden, underground world is an amazing place to discover!  While the prairie grasses would grow to be 10 feet tall above ground, prairie roots would go 20-25 feet deep below ground. These extensive roots helped hold the soil in place and build up the super soil we have today.

Many different creatures called the prairie soil their home --

from snakes and earthworms, to moles and voles,
to germs and bacteria that are so small we can't see them with our bare eyes.
These creatures also play an important role in building healthy soils.

Discover many of the prairie plants, flowers, and other creatures in our Litany of the Prairie music video!

Prairies are now an endangered ecosystem. However, prairie plants can be grown in special places to help protect our precious soil --

the edge of a farm field.... on land that erodes easily...  the edge of a stream.

A prairie is an amazing place to visit -- every day is a new adventure!



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