Did You Know?

Every glass of water you drink has already passed through fish, trees, bacteria, soil, clouds, and other living things, including people, to cleanse the water for our use. It's all connected through the water cycle!

Pack on the Prowl

Traveling? Class project or activity? Just having fun? We want to see you with the Pack! 

Download your own picture, color it, take a picture with the pack and send it to us!


Hanging out with family!

Fun in the Backyard!


Backyard faerie house..

Fun with backyard faerie houses!


Mount Rushmore!

The Pack visits Mount Rushmore!


The Pack in Hollywood!

The pack goes to Hollywood!


The Windy City!

Taking in the Windy City!


Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

Gunnison National Park


Alpine Tundra

The pack investigates alpine tundra!


Rocky Mountains!

Rocky Mountains!

Rocky Mountains!


Sangre De Christo Mountains

Sangre De Christo Mountains!


White Water Rafting!

Whitewater rafting!


Walking the Dog

Meeting friends on a walk!


Iowa Sate University!

Saying hello to "Cy" at Iowa State University!


Bell Tower @ ISU

Walking by the Bell Tower on the campus of Iowa State University.


New York!

The pack in NYC!


NYC public library

NYC public library!


Pick up after your pet!



Iowa State Fair!

The pack showing the Rainfall Simulator at the State Fair.


Out in the Corn!