Did You Know?

The earth makes its own soil, but it takes a VERY long time. In Iowa, it takes 500-1000 years to make one inch of topsoil!

All About Charlie

Breed: Beagle & Husky
Weight: 35 pounds
Watershed: South Skunk
Favorite Song: What Does A River Want To Do?
Favorite Activities: Long walks on the beach, long walks in the rain, long walks in the snow, long walks at the prairie, long walks at the river, long walks anywhere!, chasing rabbits and squirrels, laying out in the sun, visiting neighborhood friends, car rides, hanging out in his man cave.

Wetlands are full of diverse                  Charlie tries to keep fellow
and amazing smells--           Conservation Dog Jackie in line.
there is so much to explore!

Charlie shares his watershed with the geese.  Who do you share your watershed with?

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