Did You Know?

Every glass of water you drink has already passed through fish, trees, bacteria, soil, clouds, and other living things, including people, to cleanse the water for our use. It's all connected through the water cycle!

Welcome to the Conservation Pack!


The Conservation Pack and Water Rocks! are outreach programs based at Iowa State University, as a part of Extension and Outreach.  With our Conservation Station trailers and classroom visits, we strive to bring kids (and adults) together to get them excited about science, the wonders of the environment around us, and conserving our natural resources by working as a team or pack.

The Conservation Pack includes dogs, kids, adults and other creatures working together to protect the environment around us.  We can't survive without water, soil, and other natural resources.  When we all work together, we CAN make a difference! 

Click on a photo to download and print a copy!

Submit your pet to become a member of the Conservation Pack! Click on the picture above and fill out the online form. Make sure to get your parents' permission first.

Recently, Charlie stopped in at the Conservation Pack headquarters to check up on how things were going and to see who have become members of the pack!